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September 1, 2019  Bradenton, Florida  In an effort to provide the highest quality in nutrition to our students, Inspiration Academy has partnered with Power Meals by Dawn.

“We see how hard our kids are working in the weight room and on the playing field,” said baseball director Mario Jimenez.  “We wanted to provide them with the best nutritional options to take full advantage of all that hard work they are putting in.”

Power Meals will begin by providing a lunch option for all the middle and high school students during the 2019-20 school year.  Our post graduate students will have the opportunity to order breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Power Meals By Dawn opened for business at their Palmetto location July 2018.  Dawn is excited about providing this opportunity to school age kids to transform their lifestyles.

“Our passion is offering a menu that is full of flavor and not your typical ‘diet’ food. Healthier eating habits are crucial to athletic performance. Food is in fact fuel for your body. This is why I am so excited to partner with Inspiration Academy to see how this can transform their game.”