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Host Home Boarding Program

International or Out-Of-State Students who are under the age of 18 are required to enroll in the IA Host Family Program.  The Host Family will provide the student with an experience of a home away from home for all whom reside there.  We are dedicated to ensuring the Host Families provide a welcoming, comfortable and a safe environment in which to live, study and train. All homes are inspected and approved by IA staff.  Host Parents have cleared local, state, and national background checks.  Please refer to the Tuition & Fees page for pricing. For specific questions or concerns, you may contact Ciaran Dwyer  via email or by phone at 941-795-5466. 

Host Home Boarding FAQ’s

  • What does my Host Family provide?  The Host Family will provide housing, bedding, towels, laundry detergent, meals and basic toiletry items.   All protein meal shakes, supplements, personal grooming items, insulated lunch box, school supplies, sports equipment, racket stringing, tournament fees, shoes, clothing etc… should be provided by the student/athlete or parent/guardian.
  • Do I need a credit card?  Your parent/guardian will be responsible for providing you with general spending money, tournament fees, racket stringing, medical expenses, extra-curricular.
  • Do I have to do my own laundry?  Yes.  Students and athletes are expected to wash, dry, fold and put away their personal laundry.  (Bedding and towels are taken care of by the house parents.)
  • Do I have to cook my own meals?  Lunch and dinner are prepared by the house parents.  The pantry and fridge are stocked with quick breakfast items such as cereal, toast, oatmeal and fruit for you to prepare.
  • Can I drive my car?  With your parent or guardian’s permission and you are a licensed driver, you may drive your vehicle.
  • Can I ride with friends? Your parent or guardian must sign a waiver to allow outings where another licensed teenage will be driving.
  • Is there a place for me to park?  Parking at the Host Family location is limited.  You are asked to park in an area designated by the Host Family.
  • Can I have friends over?  Visitors are permitted with the permission of the house parents.  Friends are welcome in the common areas of the house.  Friends of the opposite sex are strictly prohibited from the bedrooms at any time.  Violation of this restriction will result in serious disciplinary action and possibly expulsion from the boarding house.  While in the boarding house, visitors are expected to treat all furnishings etc. with care and respect.
  • What if I require medical attention while I am living with my host family?  Your parent or guardian should have provided the house parents with your medical insurance card and information.  Your Host Family will assist you in making the appointment and take you to the doctor.  You will be responsible for any medical expenses.   As always, in any emergency dial 911.
  • Can I spend the night out?  Your parent or guardian must give specific permission to allow any student or athlete to spend the night outside the host family home.  The exception to this is out of town tournaments.  All student/athletes are required to be in the boarding house by 10:00 pm Sunday-Thursday and 11:00 pm Friday-Saturday.
  • Do I have to go to bed at a certain time?  Lights out at 11:00 pm Monday-Friday.  Student/athletes are expected to be respectful of their roommate’s schedules and refrain from phone conversations, music or other electronic devices that may interfere with sleep.
  • What if I have to take medicine?  Any and all prescription and over the counter medication should be listed in your registration paperwork.  All prescription medication must be stored and dispensed by the house parent or IA school nurse if during the school year.  Over the counter medication must be properly labeled and kept secure by the student/athlete.
  • What if I take supplements?  All supplements should be approved by your parent or guardian and should be listed on your registration paperwork.
  • Does my host family do room inspections?  Yes.  Random, room inspections may be performed by house parents and/or IA coaching staff.  The basic room inspection requires all student/athletes to have their bed made, dresser tops clear and floors picked up.
  • Does my host family provide transportation?  Your host family will provide day to day transportation to and from school and local tournaments.  Prior arrangements should be made with your coach for transportation and lodging for out of town tournaments.

Post Grad Housing

Inspiration Academy is pleased to have an articulation agreement with 

Vista at Palma Sola Apartments, LLC

 located at 3970 75th Street West Bradenton, FL 34209.  Post-graduates or students over the age of 18 may sign a lease agreement with Inspiration Academy for a room in a shared 3 bedroom apartment.  Please refer to our Tuition & Fees page for current lease and deposit fees.  A refundable security deposit will be paid at the lease signing.  A lease amount will be paid to Inspiration Academy on the first of each month, August through May.  Rent payments include an utilities allowance.  Room assignments will be made prior to August 1st