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College and Career


College & Career at Inspiration Academy assists students in finding their God-given calling and the tools needed to take the next steps towards their future. Through our highly individualized Senior Seminar Class, students explore different occupations through internships, career mentorships, and real work experience in a field of their interests, as well as explore and begin the college application process.  During class time, students participate in Q&A’s with visiting colleges and scholarship foundations, partner with a Microsoft representative for resume building, and experience mock interviews.   By senior year, Inspiration Academy students are fully prepared to enter the college admissions process and have a greater understanding of what’s required for entry, acceptance and funding.   

Standardized Testing

  Almost all colleges require SAT or ACT scores as a part of their application process. We suggest that students take both tests to see which they perform better on. We also suggest that juniors take the SAT or ACT test by December of their junior year. Students can also take the SAT subject tests. These tests are in specific areas and some colleges require that student take these tests in specific areas.   Inspiration Academy provides SAT and ACT support through general education classes as well as the Senior Seminar class.  We recommend that students go on to to the 


 website or to the 

ACT student

 website to review sample questions. Your college counselor will also have additional resources for you to use.