Inspiration Academy

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High School

The Teacher Difference

IA’s teachers are committed to helping each student continue to push their limits and reach their highest potential. Our teachers make use of our longer class periods to give students individual attention during class time and offer extra tutoring outside of class. The relationships between teachers and students allow for students to feel comfortable approaching teachers to ask for the help they need.  In the classroom, students participate in Socratic seminars, discussions, and debates on issues that have a direct impact on the students. Students are also given the opportunity to conduct investigations and draw conclusions from the data they collect. At Inspiration Academy we believe that the most important person in a student’s education is the student themselves. 

The Academic Difference

   Inspiration Academy’s high school faculty provide an environment where students uncover their education, instead of being asked to listen to a lecture and memorize facts. Students obtain a deeper understanding of the content because they are asked to develop their own thoughts from experiences they have in and out of the classroom. Our teachers approach each subject uniquely to best develop a student’s understanding, retention and critical thinking. 

Core Classes

High School students have the ability to deepen their understanding through a proven curriculum in: 

  • Mathematics 
  • Language Arts 
  • Social Studies 
  • Science 
  • Foreign Language 

Elective Classes

High School students will have the opportunity to explore their passions and curiosities through: 

  • STEAM programs 
  • Technology Skills 
  • Visual & Performing Arts 
  • Communications & Yearbook 
  • Entrepreneurship and Career Mentoring 
  • College Counseling  
  • Honors designations 
  • College Level Dual Enrollment through:
    • Southeastern University 
    • State College of Florida 
    • Cincinnati Christian University 
    • Manatee Technical College
    • St. Petersburg College