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Policy Updates & Notices


At Inspiration Academy, our mission is to cultivate, nourish and inspire students, using a mentorship model to develop an integrated life of faith from the inside out, in an environment of family, care and love. Our vision is to provide an innovative educational community that inspires students to be creative sources of cultural change in the fields where they are called. We havefound ourselves leaning more on this mission and vision today than ever before. In March 2020, we navigated through unchartered waters, but we did it together and found success in our unity.  Today we can look back and thank God for His mercy, grace, and faithfulness in the circumstances in which we have been placed. We have been diligently and intentionally seeking God’s guidance as we develop a plan for the re-opening of IA. Our goal is to provide our students with a learning environment that allows them to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and socially. IA has found that studentslearn best in a community of mentorship with caring teachers and friends. Students rise to success when placed in an environment of support and growth in every aspect of life, not only academics.

This is what makes IA different than the rest.

We believe the best way to provide this to our students is to open our school for on-campus learning.

New Security Policy

 If you will be visiting school for chapel services or to attend another event during school hours, please present your driver’s licence at the  front desk upon your first visit to school.  A staff member will quickly enter you into the system for visitor passes. Guests at IA must be wearing a visitor pass at all times. In addition, if you will be chaperoning or volunteering at school please get the appropriate forms from the front desk to bring to the Manatee County Sheriff’s office for fingerprinting. Thank you for keeping our school safe!  

Parking Notice

One of IA’s Senior Privileges is reserved parking.  Please respect this privilege by only parking in the visitor spaces to the south of the main entrance or any of the spaces on the east side of the building.  To enter the building from the east doors, simply ring the doorbell on the wall next to the doors to have the door locks released by the front desk.  A video monitor is activated by the doorbell for security purposes.  Additional parking can also be found by the tennis courts.  Thank you for supporting our seniors! 

Cell Phone Policy

We need your help to have the students follow the new cell phone policy this year.  Please don’t text your student during the school day. It is very important for the teachers and the students to be free from distractions during the school day.  Thank you in advance for your help! 

  • If you need to speak with them, we are happy to call them out of class to use the phone at the front desk. 
  • If they are not feeling well, they will be sent to the front desk and we will check on them and call you for further instructions 

Cell Phone Policy for Middle & High School 

  • Cell phones are not permitted to be used during the school day. 
  • Cell phones must be kept in the student’s backpack and turned off all day. 

Consequences of cell phone violation: 

  • Student must surrender the cell phone to the front office. 
  • First offense: Student will be asked to turn the phone off and put it in their backpack. 
  • Second offense:  Cell phone will be taken to front desk for retrieval at the end of the school day. 
  • Third offense:  Cell phone will be taken to front desk and Parent must pick up cell phone and a conference will be scheduled.  
  • Final Offense: Student will have in school suspension for 2 days.