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Visual & Performing Arts

Let your light shine so that the world may see your good works and praise your father which is in heaven. 

Matthew 5:16 

The Inspiration Academy Visual and Performing Arts Program focuses on developing the next generation of artists and cultural influencers by providing them with innovative problem solving and a wide range of creative experiences to build the foundation for deeper understanding   within the various media.  Our VPA teaching team is dedicated to mentoring students in excellence within their specific artistic discipline. Using a fusion of technology, critical thinking, and both cutting edge and time-honored techniques, our students are trained to impact the culture through their God-given talents and artistic gifts.  In addition to enrichment classes, our team also offers semester-based afterschool programs for further development.

Media Design

The Media Design program give student the chance to bring their ideas to life through multiple mediums.  This program provides experience with the fundamental aspects of graphic design, videography, photography, website design, and other emerging technologies. 


The purpose of the Art program is to provide an extended foundation of visual arts concepts and to explore these ideas creatively, spiritually, and intellectually.  A variety of art experiences are offered through personalized studio instructions and diverse range of projects, students will master creative freedom and critical thinking skills.  Students will be encouraged to open their minds, dare to be original, challenge their creativity, think outside of the box, take risks, and produce artwork beyond their expectations.

Vocal Coaching & Ensemble

This is a vocally focused program where each student will improve on vocal performance including proper placement, timing and diction as well as stage presence. Each student will work on a minimum of one individual piece with a goal of performing at the end of the semester. 


Worship emphasizes performing and ministering to the student body for the glory of the Lord by creating an atmosphere of unity and worship. In addition to preparing and rehearsing for school-wide chapels vocally or instrumentally, the Worship Team will also collaborate with the pastoral staff to prepare additional components of chapel in addition to worship.  Students will explore the philosophy of worship arts in music and the components of contemporary worship.  Entrance into this program is by audition and invitation only.  This team also includes a Chapel Tech program. 


This is a foundational program designed to promote a technical and spiritual appreciation for all aspects of drama.  We will focus on the exploration of performance, spiritual connection and technical requirements.  Improvisation, small drama and monologue studies, (both humorous and serious) human videos, and creative dramatics will be explored.  Students will also learn creative writing skills and a  means of producing both scripts and spoken words.  Students will also utilize drama as a means of developing skills in critical listening and thinking, stage presence, unified ensemble work, and spiritual awareness as a means for worship as well as entertainment.