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I’ve been going here since I was in 6th grade.  This school has made me really understand what a follower of Christ is truly like. The relationships I have made through the years are ones I’ll keep forever. I look at life differently now. Inspiration academy has shown me what a follower of Christ is like when things happen that we don’t understand or go the way we wanted it to. God always finds a way!!! He is the one and only one who knows the reason. Instead of being full of anger and sadness, we should rejoice and have faith in our Father. A few years back I would have felt differently, but this school opened my eyes. IA will always be in my heart.

Ella Fuchs


Take the first step.

Let yourself imagine a community that cares about your success in life, and not just school.  A place where you are more than a test score or statistic.  What if you found a school where your teachers, peers, and mentors were committed to your success?

Inspiration Academy is more than just a school.  It is a community that really cares about you and wants to do life, school, and everything in between with you.  At IA, success is built from the inside-out through an innovative mentorship & character development program.   Small class sizes and flexible learning options ensure academic excellence.  And parents, staff, and students come together to create a warm and supportive community.  Welcome to your future!

I highly recommend the school and the baseball program. My son just graduated high school after starting here in 8th grade and it was a perfect fit for him. The teachers, administrative staff, coaches and owners are fantastic at what they do and are very knowledgeable, caring and loving. Overall, he loved it and we feel this investment in our son’s future will pay dividends for a lifetime! Thank you IA!

Tom Sieczkowski




The future is bright at Inspiration Academy!  We are now accepting application for January 2023 and the 2023-24 school year.  We would love to chat about how you can find success at Inspiration Academy.


Discover the endless possibilities at Inspiration Academy! Our commitment to excellence extends to providing diverse opportunities for all families. Uncover a world where financial assistance is not a barrier to quality education. All families receive a Florida State voucher of at least $7,000! Let us guide you through the exciting journey of securing scholarships and funding options. Join our thriving community today and embark on a path of knowledge and success! Give us a call at 941.795.5466 NOW!

A Word

From our Founders

Inspiration Academy is a transformational school that works from the inside out to produce winning habits of selflessness, discipline, and authentic care for others.  Our success is measured by transformational development of a student’s mind, body and spirit.  Grades and transcripts are just part of the peaceable fruit produced by a transformed life.

– Eddie & Claire Speir

Our Mission

We cultivate, nourish and inspire students, using a mentorship model to develop an integrated life of faith from the inside out, in an environment of family, care and love.

Our Vision

To provide an innovative educational community that inspires students to be creative sources of cultural change in the fields where they are called.

My son is a great kid, but middle school is hard for everyone.  He struggled academically and socially all the way through middle school at Inspiration Academy, but the staff and teachers never gave up on him.  His teachers challenged him when he got lazy and encouraged him when he failed. His mentors walked beside him, prayed with him, and showed him a ton of grace even when he did not deserve it.  Thanks to their persistence and love he is now a straight A student who has a great relationship with God and a strong character.  I am so grateful for the IA community that surrounded us during those formative years and am excited for the years to come.

Holly McAndrew