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Middle School

Getting a great start.

Everyone knows middle school can be tough.  That’s why it’s important to find a caring and supportive environment for your child to thrive during these formative years.  Inspiration Academy believes that personal success happens from the inside-out.  With that in mind, we have created a comprehensive program that not only offers challenging academics, but also a supportive community for your child and family.


Middle school students are welcomed into a community where they are accepted and loved. Mentorship is the heart of our community. Each student is part of a small group of peers headed by a mentor. Mentors are faculty, staff, and coaches who walk out their Christian life with their mentees. Each group is unique, but all groups read and discuss the Bible, pray for each other, talk about their victories and failures, volunteer to serve others, and have fun doing things like going to the beach or a favorite restaurant.

Middle school teachers engage their students by rotating between large group, small group, and independent learning as well as including hands-on activities for all learners. Our primary publisher of curriculum is Bob Jones University Press. BJU materials promote a biblical worldview and offer a college preparatory scope and sequence. The textbook authors endeavor to show the Bible’s relevance to each topic while encouraging students to think about what they believe. In addition to the excellent BJU educational materials, our teachers create curriculum in their fields of expertise based on their students’ needs and interests. This personalized approach to education works well in our mentorship culture.

  • English Language Arts
  • Reading
  • 6th Grade Math
  • Ancient History
  • Comprehensive Science
  • Physical Education
  • Elective Wheel: Technology/Bible/STEM/Art
  • English Language Arts/Literature
  • 7th Grade Math or Pre-Algebra
  • World History
  • Life Science
  • Bible
  • Physical Education
  • Elective Wheel: STEM/Art
  • English Language Arts/Literature
  • Pre-Algebra or Algebra I
  • American History
  • Earth Space Science
  • Bible
  • Physical Education
  • Elective Wheel: STEM/Art

Meeting the challenge.

Creativity and curiosity are encouraged as students learn new skills and realize new interests in middle school. Teachers promote a growth mindset to help students embrace new challenges as opportunities to grow. We utilize MAP Growth testing to assist students in reaching their academic goals. MAP Growth tests are administered three times per year to give teachers, students, and parents vital information about learning and achievement. Test results are immediately available to teachers who can then implement learning strategies based on the detailed data.


Discovery and innovation are key ingredients of STEM learning at IA. Real-world problem solving is integrated throughout our math and science courses, but middle school students get to take an additional STEM lab each year. These STEM labs promote critical thinking through experimentation, collaboration, and model-making with an emphasis on engineering and technology.

  • Laws of motion & simple machine labs using K’Nex
  • Rocketry
  • Computer Literacy: Hardware, file management, keyboarding, and Internet safety
  • Microsoft product tutorials, practice, and application
  • More complex K’Nex model-making with compound machines
  • Electronics
  • Robots
  • 3-D Printer