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Accreditation & Curriculum


The educators at Inspiration Academy use a wide variety of textbooks and resources to create their curriculum.  Our primary publisher is Bob Jones University Press. BJU books promote a biblical worldview and offer a college preparatory scope and sequence. We also utilize Carnegie Learning, McGraw-Hill, and Pearson textbooks and resources to meet the learning needs of every student. We seek out high quality educational content and cutting-edge technology, so students will be engaged and eager to learn.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements are structured based on 24 credits which are distributed below.  The purpose of the is program is to provide the necessary core courses for matriculation into a post-secondary form of education.  In addition, students will need to complete an approved 100 hours of Community Service.

  • English I, II, II, IV                                                 4 Credits
  • Mathematics                                                      4 Credits 
  • Science                                                                3 Credits
  • Social Science                                                     3 Credits
  • Foreign Language                                              2 Credits

  (two required, three preferred)

  • Visual & Performing Arts                                  1 Credits
  • HOPE                                                                    1 Credits
  • Physical Education                                             1 Credits
  • Electives                                                               5 Credits

Total                                                                             24 Credits