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Accreditation & Curriculum


We pursue rigorous academics with the goal of empowering students to grow their God-given gifts and talents.  Our number one priority as educators is to educate students to be a whole person in Christ. Introducing students to the truth of God, who they are, and the purpose for which they were made by God is far more important to our educators than academic achievement.  We believe the Bible is our number one tool for life and learning.  Proverb 24:5 says it best, “Wisdom brings strength, and knowledge gives power.” Our desire is for our students to find joy in life and learning all that God has before them.

Our primary publisher is Bob Jones University Press. BJU curriculum aids in our efforts of educating our students from a Biblical worldview.  BJU textbooks not only provide a Biblical worldview in all subjects but they also offer rigorous materials that engage students through hands-on learning, and creative problem-solving through analysis, and evaluation.   Each student at IA is given an individualized academic experience with opportunities for growth through college preparatory courses, career and technical education, and the visual and performing arts program.  We also utilize Carnegie Learning, McGraw-Hill, and Pearson textbooks and other resources to meet the learning needs of every student.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements are structured based on 28 credits which are distributed below.  The purpose of the is program is to provide the necessary core courses for matriculation into a post-secondary form of education.  In addition, students will need to complete an approved 100 hours of Community Service or 100 Paid Work Hours

  • English                                                                4 Credits
  • Mathematics                                                      4 Credits 
  • Science                                                                3 Credits
  • Social Science                                                     3 Credits
  • Biblical Studies                                                   4 Credits
  • Foreign Language                                              2 Credits
  • Visual/Performing/Practical Art                       1 Credit
  • HOPE                                                                    1 Credit
  • Online Elective                                                    1 Credit
  • Senior Seminar                                                   1 Credit
  • Electives                                                               4 Credits

Total                                                                        28 Credits