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Welcome To Our Open House!

We are so glad you came.

We can all agree that middle and high school can be a struggle especially in today’s culture of change and uncertainty.  But, students are THRIVING at Inspiration Academy and you can, too!  From our mentorship program to our small class sizes and simultanious online learning experience, our students are set up for success no matter what life throws at them.  Take a minute to see for yourself  by taking our virtual tour.  Be sure to write down any questions you have for our Admissions representative.  Welcome to Inspiration Academy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Financial Aid Available?

YES!  We believe that every student should have access to a great education.  To that end, Inspiration Academy awarded over $700,000 in Scholarships to qualifing families.  Ask your admissions representative about programs such as Step Up For Students, AAA, McKay Scholarships and IA Academic Scholarships.

Do You Offer Transportation?

Inspiration Academy is pleased to offer before and after school transportation from East Bradenton  at SR64 & SR70, as well as, East Sarasota at Fruitville Road.

What Is The Admissions Process Like?

Good News!  You have already completed the first step by attending a Virtual Open House.  The rest of the steps are simple as well, and your Admissions Representative will be with you every step of the way!  To get started, click on the link below and complete the application, which should only take about 15 minutes.  Next, an admissions representative will contact you to set up an Interview Day and discuss Finanancial Aid.  Following a successful Interview Day, you will be sent an enrollment contract to be completed online.  Then you’re all ready for the first day of school!  

Will Your Acadmemic Program Meet My Child's Needs?

Inspiration Academy strives to provide an individualized education that will meet the needs of most students through the following methods:

  • MAP testing several times a year to guage each student’s understanding and then tailor a learning experience to their personal strengths and challenges.
  • Using Bob Jones University curriculum and virtual textbooks to structure lesson plans and ensure a rigorous educational experience as well as technology support.
  • Creating a Simultaious e-learning system for off-campus learners through regular use of technology such as Microsoft Teams, virtual texbooks, and a comprehensive student information system.
  • Offering an exciting range of electives to excite and challenge our students.

Do You Offer A STEM Program?

IA values Innovation!  To that end we are pleased to offer STEM integration and critical thinking activities in most classes.  We also offer a STEM-specific elective for all students.  Thanks to donations and grants we were able to add a 3D printer to our program this year!

What Athletic Opportunities Do You Offer?

IA offers elite sports training in Baseball, Tennis, & Golf.  We also offer a variety tratitional “competitive club sports”, such as cheer, softball, basketball, flag football, lacrosse, and volleyball, to students who do not wish to make long term commitments to a sport.  Additionally, as private school students, IA students may participate in any of their zoned high school’s sports programs that IA does not offer a similiar opportunity for.  More information about our various athletic opportunities can be found under “Athletics” in our main menu.

What Is Your Mentorship Program Like?

The Mentorship Program at Inspiration Academy is designed to connect our students with faculty and staff in a way that encourages conversations about life, faith, and growth from the inside-out.  We do this in a small group setting once a week with peers and two adult mentors.  Students are given the opportunity to build meaningful relationships through activities, discussions, and biblical devotionals.

Do You Offer A Hot Lunch Program?

Inspiration Academy is pleased to offer a hot lunch program to our students in partnership with Manatee County Nutrition Services and local restaurants.  Students may also visit the Lion Cafe during designated snack times to purchase snacks during the day. 

What Is Your COVID And Mask Policy?

Inspiration Academy strives to provide students with a safe place where they can learn and grow.  To this end, we have consulted the guidelines issued by our local and national governing bodies as well as national health organizations to create a plan that will allow our students to access their education in any way that they feel safe.  All of our core classes are accessable both virtually and on-campus every day.  We comply with CDC recommendations for cleanliness.  Masks are encouraged for close interacation, however, they are not required on our campus.  

What Next?

We hope you enjoyed your virtual tour!   We understand that change can be overwhelming, so we are here for you every step of the way to make the process easy.  All you have to do to get started is simply click on the Apply Now button below, email, or use our live chat feature to access one of our admissions representatives.