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Lion’s Cafe

Welcome to the Lion’s Cafe!

Inspiration Academy is committed to providing safe and healthy meal times for our students.  Snack items and a daily hot lunch are offered for purchase.  Lunchtime is an important opportunity for students to develop thier interpersonal skills, so students are invited to enjoy thier meals and social experiences at thier choice of outdoor and indoor locations.  Physical distancing is enforced, while social interaction is encouraged!


**PLEASE NOTE!**  For a limited time, Manatee County Nutrition Services is providing FREE meals to students.  You must order your free lunches through the order form below to participate.

Snack Bar

The Lion’s Cafe opens it’s Snack Bar during an extended transition each morning as well as during lunch and after school.  Snack cards may be purchased in $10 increments via the Lunch & Snack Order Form.  Once your purchase is complete, your student will be issued a punch card, with their name on it, that they may use at their discretion.  IA is not responsible for lost cards.

Lunch Program

IA has partnered with Manatee County School Lunch Services and several local businesses to offer a daily hot lunch option to our students.  Manatee County meals are FREE to students and other vendor meal deals are $6. You may choose as many or as few days as you like.  All meals must be ordered in advance through the order form link below and paid for though your Smart Tuition account.  The deadline for ordering meals is Thursday at 1 p.m. the week prior to the week you are ordering for. 

Fequently Asked Questions
  • Can I view the Manatee County Lunch Schedule in advance?  Yes!  We follow the lunch menu for King Middle School.  Click Here to view thier menu at any time.
  • Are the alternate menu choices offered by Manatee County Schools avilable to me?  Not at this time.  All students with special dietary needs are encouraged to bring a lunch from home.

  • What if my child forgets thier lunch?  Don’t worry!  If your child forgets their lunch, they will be provided with an emergency lunch consisting of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, chips, and water.  A fee of $3.00 will be automatically billed to you through your Smart Tutition account.


  • What if my child has special dietary needs?   At this time, the Inspiration Academy lunch program is not able to meet unique dietary needs.  Students are encouraged to bring a lunch from home.  Microwaves are available if needed.

Post-Workout Protein Plan

IA believes in strengthing safely.  To that end, our Strength & Conditioning Program is pleased to offer post-workout protein drinks at our facility.  Protein Plans may be purchased online as 2 drinks/week or 4 drinks/week monthly plans.  Simply click on the link below to order your plan today.  For any questions about our Protein Plans please contact Brian Commerford.

For questions or concerns regarding Inspiration Academy’s lunch program, please contact Patricia Adams