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April 21 , 2020  Bradenton, Florida  As I sit back and think of my time spent at Inspiration, I can’t help but think about how different my life would be if coach Jimenez never went to one of my little league baseball games. After talking to him about the program and getting out to one of my first practices, I was instantly hooked. There was a different vibe set out from the coaching staff to the players who I was surrounded by. Those couple of practices that I went to when I was in 8th grade was only a small taste of what the program was truly about. Once I started going to school at IA in 9th grade, I finally began to see the whole picture of the mission of the baseball program.

Even as a freshman, I was able to be myself and not feel judged or scrutinized by any other players which can be a very different situation in big public high schools. I knew that this place was something different, something special.

I would not be the player I am today without the help of all of the coaches who have been at IA. All of the struggles I went through with having to tinker with every single part of my swing, my arm action and everything else in between led me to the place that I am in today. The coaches care about individual development, making sure everyone gets their specific needs met to the best of their ability. Without the hard work and dedication of every single coach on staff, the program would not be nearly as successful as we are.

Another aspect that makes IA so great is the culture that the players create. This isn’t a typical high school where the players fight only for themselves. The players at IA know that the program and the culture is bigger than themselves. Everyone needs to be working together to reach a common goal, which is the culture of the team. Everyone is for each other. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed so that we as a team can be the best. Without the culture of success that we have created, we would just be any other high school team. However, that is not and never will be the case with us. We know how hard we work during practice to get better every single day, and we will not allow ourselves to stoop lower than the standard that is set. Ever.

Written By: Landen Morrison, Inspiration Academy Class of 2020

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