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February 3, 2020  Bradenton, Florida

After spending two outstanding weeks battling in South America, Sofia Rojas has broken into the top 100 juniors in the world, jumping almost 100 spots in the process. Beginning the year at 188 in the ITF Junior ranking Inspiration Academy Tennis player is now 97 in the world. Sofia, who has been with Inspiration Academy Tennis Director, Ashley Hobson since 10 years old, will be able to compete in the junior grand slams this year in 2020 with this new ranking.

At the start of January she played a Grade 1 tournament in Costa Rica where she made the quarterfinals in singles and doubles. The next week she played the Grade 1 tournament in Colombia where she made the quarterfinals of singles and the semifinals of doubles.

Now, Sofia is currently in Brazil for two weeks playing some more ITFs to boost her ranking again before the junior grand slams that are coming later in the year.

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