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Inspiration Academy strength and conditioning is dedicated to improving the potential of every athlete to enable them to compete at the highest level possible. This is done by following a forever adapting wholistic program approach that utilizes evidence proven and innovated sport science while integrating cutting edge technology. Time spent in the weight room and on the field will not only better prepare athletes for the next level, but also as men and women in the world.


IA Strength Core Values:


Being consistent with our workouts is the most important attribute. We want to continue to stack as many good days together as possible. With consistency we can grow the most robust base possible that enables us to be resilient to injury through training, volume, intensity, velocity, and mechanical changes. 

Give your 100% today

We realize an athlete won’t be 100% every day, but we ask each athlete to leave outside matters at the door and give 100% of whatever they have. This not only teaches toughness, but intentionality in training as we want the best out of our athletes

Little Things Matter

It’s one thing to come in the weight room and workout, it’s another thing to train with laser focus. Everything matters from your RDL and dumbbell bench form to how you’re putting the weights backs and how to rooms looks when you leave. We teach and demand proper from on every movement we prescribe while also highlighting common mistakes. Athletes learn to work together as they workout in “rack groups” to help hold each other accountable on form and proper placement of equipment. 


Take responsibility for your own development. Have a big event coming up? Injury that’s been nagging? Not happy with your body weight? Don’t know why we are doing a certain exercise? Just completely out of it for the day? Communication between athlete and coach is massive. Everything is adaptable while we always want what’s best for the athlete. Most misunderstandings come from a breakdown in communication. 


Athletic Awards:

National Strength and Conditioning Association High School Strength All-Americans

Mary Brumfield (Tennis) 2021
Jake Platko (Baseball) 2021
Logan O’Leary (Baseball) 2022

   USA Powerlifting High School State Champion

Mary Brumfield 2021:

American Record Squat 185.5 Kilos (408 LBs)

State Record Deadlift 190 Kilos (418 LBs)

State Record Lift Total: 458 Kilos (1,007.6 LBs)

National Recognitions:

Our Partners:


 Push VBT bands

We utilize velocity based training in our weight room to understand and track movements better. Each rack is equipped with an iPad and PUSH sensor. In use, the iPad shows the velocity of the barbell or body. This enables the coach to prescribe speed ranges in movements instead of just weight. This helps us be more intentional with our strength, speed, and power movements!

 Dash Systems

We utilize Dashr’s timing gates to be able to more accurately and frequently measure speed. We runs speed test such as the 10, 30, and 60 yard dash, 10 yard fly, and pro agility.


Critical Reload

Critical Reload is a post workout shake in which we have a dispenser installed in the weight room.
Athletes can quickly and safely get a great tasting post workout nutrition without having to carry it
themselves. Each serving is just $2 and includes 250 calories, 20 grams of protein and 40 grams of