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School of Excellence

March 15, 2019

Bradenton, Florida  Upon their sixth year of operation, Bradenton’s only mentorship-led school has been recommended for the highest form of accreditation.  The Association of Christian Teachers and Schools has recommended Inspiration Academy for renewal of their regional accreditation, awarding it the certificate of Full Accreditation with ACTS, AdvancED/SACS, NCPSA, and the Middle States Regional Accreditation of Colleges and Schools.

After a yearlong process of self-study by the leadership of the school, a team of three professional Christian educators, led by Steve Lindquist the Director of Accreditation, began a three-day intensive analysis of the school, its philosophy, governance, curriculum, and instruction. The team conducted an in-depth study of the school’s staff, media and technology, finances, facilities, policies and procedures, records, student activities, publications, health, and safety and security.

“Since I have been working for ACTS, I have not seen another school receive as many commendations as Inspiration Academy,” said Lindquist at the briefing of the school’s final report.

Inspiration Academy received 9 commendations that highlight the areas of excellence.  Lindquist went on the say, “Up until this time 5 has been the average number of commendations a school receives, and in my 49 school evaluations 7 is the most commendations I have ever given.”

The accreditation team concluded their report stating: “IA has a special culture, you have something different and it’s awesome and palpable. We have seen many schools talk about mentorship, but we have never seen it integrated into everything the way Inspiration Academy has.  It is a mentorship culture. It permeates in everything you do. We went in depth to study students, parents, teachers, staff, and coaches and found a consistent message and a unified culture unlike any of our previous accreditation visits. IA is doing something many schools wish they could do but have not been able to. IA is doing something very right. Keep doing what you are doing and keep moving forward.”

We congratulate Inspiration Academy for this great accomplishment.

ACTS is a regional Christian school accrediting organization.  More information about ACTS can be found at