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Post Grad – About Us


Essential Behaviors

These are the unshakeable, bedrock principles that our program believes is critical to our success.  Expected to be shared by everyone because they are so central to what we are about

Little things matter.  We are going to really harp on the details

Excellence.  We are committed to this in every phase of our work.

Get Process focused, overlook the outcome.  Cast small votes for desired identity – Forget results

Attitude is everything.  Mentally tough.  This is an opportunity to learn and grow from

Competitive and confident.  We always compete, we’re always exuding confidence

You’re a Lion 24/7. You represent us in every phase of your day

Process Over Everything

Our philosophy centers around the process.  We aim to attract families who are bought into our holistic model.

From the very beginning, when we launched baseball as our first sport in 2013, the process has been a holistic year-round enrichment program for players and their families.  

We believe that if we provide an intentional, innovative environment on the field and in the classroom, parents and their athletes will allow us to walk alongside with them in all areas of their lives.  

This includes

  • Mentorship
  • Off the field struggles
  • Family challenges
  • Being a teenage and not knowing where to turn
  • Wrestling with faith

We aim to become a community…

A community of faith-based businesses, wrapped around a school, dedicated to discipleship.

Our Proven Process

For many of our sports programs, our daily program scheduling parallels that of the nation’s top 25 D1 college programs. 

It includes:

  • Small group development with position specific coaches
  • Baseline testing with goals set
  • Top competitive schedule against some of the best programs in the country

Over the past 9 years as a post grad program, we have sent over 250 post grad players to programs all over the country

  • We can help you be as prepared as possible to contribute to your university
  • As long as you live out the core values of the program, we can help you reach your potential