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The 6th Grade Experience

The Teacher Difference

Sixth graders at IA are welcomed into a family-like atmosphere where they are accepted and loved. Our half-step program lessens the stress often associated with starting middle school. We recognize the enormous potential for spiritual, academic, social, and emotional growth during sixth grade, and treat each child as an individual. We honor the unique strengths and challenges of each student by setting appropriate goals for improvement while finding opportunities for students to excel in their areas of interest. Character development through the study of God’s word and mentorship is an important aspect of the sixth-grade experience. 

The Academic Difference

Creativity and curiosity are encouraged in sixth grade as students learn new skills and realize new interests. A collaborative problem-based approach that builds critical thinking skills is used in all disciplines. We encourage children to be active learners with student-centered lessons. You won’t see rows of students passively listening to a lecture for a block period; you will see students gathered around tables participating in a wide variety of hands-on activities and projects. You will hear students planning, discussing, and debating how to solve problems. Our teachers get to know each student and their learning style. Lessons are created with a variety of activities that appeal to each learning style. 

STEAM Learning

Discovery is an essential part of science in sixth grade. Students explore earth and space science, life science, chemistry, and physics with a biblical worldview. Hands-on labs, demonstrations, and projects keep science exciting. In social studies, students become investigators who uncover the mysteries of history. Students ask questions based on their interests and then use the tools of historians to research, respond, and defend their points of view based on the evidence. A modeling method is used to make math relevant and meaningful. Our innovative math program focuses on critical thinking and real-world problem solving in addition to learning fundamental math skills. English language arts at IA provides students with a strong foundation in literature. Students read classic and modern novels and create impactful projects and presentations to share with their classmates. Grammar skills are refined as students write essays, research reports, editorials, and poetry. Sixth graders also participate in Bible, art, drama, STEAM, technology and physical education.