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The Tennis Academy  Training Difference 1,2,3

1-Inside-Out Training

At Inspiration Academy we train from the inside-out.  We believe that performance is a behavior, NOT an outcome.  We get so focused on scoreboards and standings that we lose sight of the foundational element of coaching: shaping behavior. When we get the behavior right, when we get our athletes to take ownership of the standards for each and every little thing they do, the magic happens.  Athletes rise to the standard.  They hold each other accountable. They define what are acceptable levels of focus, effort, and execution. They train more effectively. Great results follow.  When you get the behavior right, the scoreboard starts to take care of itself. Athletes control the controllables, make more effective plays, and those small plays add up to big wins. 

2-Overload Training System

Our Overload Training System starts with the concept that training should be more difficult and take us outside of our comfort zones in order for us to improve at a faster and reach our full potential.  In addition to telling players how to hit the ball, where to hit the ball, and what to do, we push players through innovative equipment, modern technology,  old school work ethic, and tennis experience so that they gain a strong character second to none.  That a way when the game gets tight, and the pressure ramps up, they don’t crumble under the stress of the scoreboard.  They don’t revert to their old habits.  They focus on themselves, and not fighting the other players and officials.  No matter how far you go as a player, if you use tennis to create a transformational experience for your character, tennis will always be a priceless gift. 

3-The Stages of Training

We realize each player is different and design a training program to enhance their strengths and lessen their weaknesses.  We stress very systematic and intentional training stages for developing a player, and have a blueprint of player development:

Seven Stage Blueprint for Developing a Player:

1-Mind and the heart first – Performance is a behavior.  From the right behavior will come the right outcome.  Competing from the INSIDE OUT.

2-Developing the athletic potential of a player – spatial awareness, balance, agility, proprioception, ball tracking, anticipation, running, jumping and throwing skills

3-Perfect footwork, stances, stroke technique (PAS and 5 dimensions) and understanding of the game (4 errors).

4-Repetition with innovative and overload drills – pushing players to the edge of their abilities. Making sure all strokes have offense, defense and neutral capabilities

5-Strategy and tactics, knowing the tactical court, player match ups and personalized patterns

6-Mental toughness, routines and rituals, match flow, momentum, stages of a match and problem solving.

7-Point play with coaching.  Experienced scheduling. Competition. Then evaluation and re – planning.

Active Isolated Stretching Method

Inspiration Academy Athletics partners with Aaron L. Mattes RKT, LMT  of Stretching USA Rehabilitation to practice his world-renowned Active Isolated Stretching Method The Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) method of muscle lengthening and fascial release is a type of Athletic Stretching Technique that provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups, but more importantly, AIS provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes.