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The Training Difference

Inside-Out Training

At Inspiration Academy we train from the inside-out.  We believe that performance is a behavior, NOT an outcome.  We get so focused on scoreboards and stats that we lose sight of the foundational element of coaching: shaping behavior. When we get the behavior right, when we get our athletes to take ownership of the standards for each and every little thing they do, the magic happens.  Athletes rise to the standard.  They hold each other accountable. They define what are acceptable levels of focus, effort, and execution. They train more effectively. Great results follow.  When you get the behavior right, the stats start to take care of themselves. Athletes control the controllables, make more effective plays, and those small plays add up to big wins. 

College Metrics Assesment

For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he .” Proverbs 23:7 

We have a competitive, energetic environment where we will track important metrics for our players to paint a picture for families of where their kids are and where we need to get them to be.   We want our coaches and players to prepare to win everything.  The smallest details matter the most because it reveals our heart.  What do we value?   Everyone will affirm their commitment to ‘Win Everything’.  Win making your bed in the morning.  Win being to class and practice before time, not on time.  Win serving your teammates.  Win everything.  Our metrics go above and beyond to PROVE that you’re getting better.   

Overload/Underload Hitting

The IA Baseball Academy coaching staff employs the most innovative hitting technology in the industry.  The Overload/Underload Hitting Program is trusted by over 15 MLB organizations. By using weighted bats, players are able to effectively train their central nervous system to hit with greater speed, intensity, and accuracy.   Having better proprioception and kinesthetic awareness of their bodies during swing movement will also help IA players produce more consistent results even when they don’t “feel” their best. 

Driveline Pitching Program

Our Pitching Coordinator Troy Mattes brings tremendous professional experience as both a Major League player and a pitching coach in the Baltimore Orioles organization for six years.  We use an innovative training system that allows for consistent improvement as well as injury prevention called the Driveline Throwing Program.  Through this program, IA players are able to throw hard enough, throw quality pitches for strikes, be strong and mobile, and stay competitive.  

Vision Training

“Keep your eye on the ball” is a phrase that the IA Baseball coaching staff takes very seriously.  Vision Training is an important part of every players growth and the IA coaches employ all of the latest technology to help players get consistent results. Through Vision Training, players will improve focus between near and far points of interest, visual tracking of the ball, visual coordination and processing, depth perception and reaction, peripheral awareness.  To obtain peak performance, Vision Training must be continuously practiced.