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Tennis Program

At Inspiration Academy Tennis, our goal is to transform competitive junior or professional players to their maximum level of play. We do this by providing an individualized “inside-out” training program that takes place both on and off the court. Our system covers technical, tactical, physical, mental, and emotional elements of becoming a great player.  While tennis is an individual sport with a high level of autonomy for players, we also do group training with players receiving individual personalized help within the group time. To complete the training off the court, we offer character development and one-on-one mentorship to develop well rounded players.  

We have a proven blueprint for developing players:  

Seven Stage Blueprint for Developing a Player: 

1-Mind and the heart first – Performance is a behavior.  From the right behavior will come the right outcome.  Competing from the INSIDE OUT. 

2-Developing the athletic potential of a player – spatial awareness, balance, agility, proprioception, ball tracking, anticipation, running, jumping and throwing skills 

3-Perfect footwork, stances, stroke technique (PAS and 5 dimensions) and understanding of the game (4 errors).  

4-Repetition with innovative and overload drills – pushing players to the edge of their abilities. Making sure all strokes have offense, defense and neutral capabilities  

5-Strategy and tactics, knowing the tactical court, player match ups and personalized patterns 

6-Mental toughness, routines and rituals, match flow, momentum, stages of a match and problem solving.  

7-Point play with coaching.  Experienced scheduling. Competition. Then evaluation and re – planning.



  • Dynamic Flexibility work and ladder / bands / hurdle work (lower and upper)
  • Lower Body Kinetics without ball / Medicine ball
  • Grips and more advanced upper-body mechanics
  • Soft feeds and multiple repetitions
  • Feeding with racket (1/4 ratio)
  • Live ball rally work (speed balls when needed)
  • Transition and volley work
  • Competitive training drills (live ball)
  • Overload drills and training (2 vs 1s, speed balls, med balls, ball machine etc)
  • Directional Training Tactical understanding and Tactics
  • Introduction to Tempo Drills (soft ball, mini tennis)
  • Momentum control introduction
  • Mental toughness and mental routines work
  • Serves and Returns daily (first strike work)
  • Weapon Identification and drills
  • Planning for events
  • Physical training with trainer and on court in session
  • Cross-training

Elite Junior/College

  • Dynamic Flexibility work (lower and upper body)
  • Lower Body Kinetics without ball  / medicine ball / resistance band
  • Soft feeds
  • Feeding with racket (1/4 ratio)
  • Live ball rally work
  • Competitive training live ball drills
  • Overload drills (2 on 1s, pinch hitting, etc)
  • Transition Excellence (all aspects)
  • Directional Training, Tactics, player styles and shot selection
  • Advanced Tempo Drills, Pinch Drills etc.
  • Momentum Control, match flow training and tactics
  • Situational Match Training
  • Serve, Return and First Strike Emphasis
  • Weapon Drills Daily
  • Individual Specialization Advanced mental toughness
  • Match simulation for success and failure
  • Long term, intermediate and short term planning
  • Physical training with trainer, gym and on court in session
  • Cross-Training

Tour Professional

  • Dynamic Flexibility work (lower and upper body)
  • Lower Body Kinetics without ball / with resistance band and medicine ball
  • Soft feeds
  • Feeding with racket (1/2 ratio)
  • Live ball rally work
  • Competitive training live ball drills
  • Overload drill emphasis (2 on 1s, pinch hitting, etc)
  • Directional Training and advanced shot selection tactics
  • Advanced Tempo Training (tempo, 2 vs.1, pinch drills etc)
  • Transition Excellence (all aspects and individualization)
  • Advanced Momentum Control tactics and
  • Situational Match training
  • Serve, Return and First Strike (quick pressure) Emphasis
  • Weapon Drills daily
  • Individual Specialization
  • Specialized advanced mental toughness
  • Match Simulation for success and failure
  • Physical training with trainer – on and off court
  • Long term, intermediate and short term planning

Summer Programs

Summer camps at Inspiration are challenging camps for tournament level players. Our daily six hour training includes mental, emotional, strategic, technical, and tactical components.  Players are trained in groups of similar ability, while individualizing player experience with games and major competition.  Our summer program focuses on three primary categories;  Weapons, Weaknesses, & WinningOur schedule is broken down between on court training, gym training, video analysis, and classroom training.  Ingrained in our program is our character and leadership development programs which are woven in everything we do at the Academy.


Inspiration Academy offers in-home style boarding for international and out-of-state students.  All homes are inspected and approved by IA staff.  Host Parents have cleared Local, State, and National background checks.