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With over 30 years of player development experience all over the world, hundreds of players sent to college on scholarships, National coach of a country, Davis Cup and Federation Cup coaching, wins over the best players in the world, many ITF titles, pro titles, 20+ National titles and energetic passionate coaches who really care about the player, we believe we have a unique situation for developing players.

Since our inception in 2015 IA tennis has produced, 12 ITF Title Winners, sent 2 players to La Petit AS (Top 3 in the USA), 2 Gold balls and 2 Silver ball winners, and 12 college players, a phenomenal achievement in such a short time.

Inspiration also hosts 20-35 tournaments a year, so our players do not have to travel to compete each weekend.


Inspiration Academy Summer Tennis – tough training for the serious player. Training on court, in the classroom and in the gym. Players are grouped according to their ability level and one has to fight each day to keep their position


1 – Mind and the heart first – Performance is a behavior, and behavior drives talent to greatness

2 – Developing the athletic potential of a player

3 – Perfect footwork, stances, stroke technique (Path, Angle, Speed – PAS and 5 dimensions)

and understanding of the game (4 errors).

4 – Repetition with innovative and overload drills – pushing players to the edge

5 – Strategy and tactics, tactical court, player match ups and personalized patterns

6 – Mental toughness, momentum, stages of a match and problem solving.

7 – Point play with coaching. Experienced scheduling. Competition. Then evaluation and re-planning.