IA Collegiate Baseball Summer League

Collegiate Summer League

The Florida Gulf Coast League (FCGL), a college baseball summer league based on Florida’s southwest coast, will begin its second season in June 2020.  The league’s first slate will feature 6 competitive teams that will be located throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties and include highly reputable baseball brands such as Five-Star National, Inspiration Academy, Florida International Baseball Academy and an area scout from the Seattle Mariners among others. Inspiration Academy is excited to participate in FCGL’s Summer League and offer athletes the opportunity to preview their Post-Grad Program.

Summer League Highlights

  • Access to training with IA coaches who have backgrounds in professional or college baseball and provide position-specific training with a coach dedicated to each position.
  • Professional hitting development utilizing video analysis, swing development, and overload/underload training.
  • Comprehensive pitching development program including video analysis and individual programming to address each pitcher’s personal needs.
  • Position-specific strength and conditioning program with a certified strength and conditioning coach.
  • Driveline-based arm strength and velocity program for all players.
  • Vision Training through GameSense Sports.
  • Access to IA ‘s 7,500 square foot synthetic turf outdoor training area, 14,500 square foot lighted outdoor training area with six cages, 6 separate tee stations, 3 bullpen mounds with an open space for drill work,  900 Square foot indoor weight room, and an open space with netting dedicated to driveline-style weighted ball training and drill work.


Inspiration Academy is pleased to have an articulation agreement with  Vista at Palma Sola Apartments, LLC  located at 3970 75th Street West Bradenton, FL 34209.  Summer League athletes will have the option to select a housing in the form of a shared 3 bedroom apartment.  A fee of $600 will be assessed for housing.  This amount includes utilities.    

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