Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

The Inspiration Academy of Visual and Performing Arts focuses on developing the next generation of artists and cultural influencers by providing them with creative problem solving skills and a broad range of experiences to build the foundation for deeper understanding and innovation within various media. We offer highly developed classes in Music, Film, Fine Art, Drama, Dance, and TV Broadcasting. Our teaching team is composed of professional artists and educators who are dedicated to mentoring students in excellence within their specific artistic discipline. Using state of the art technology and time-honored techniques, our students are trained to impact the culture through their God-given talents and artistic gifts.

The mission of Inspiration Film Academy is to provide our students with a true appreciation and understanding of the film industry and the real world dynamics of production. Students are exposed to working film sets where they are trained and mentored by professionals in the industry. Through this hands-on approach, our students will develop the practical knowledge and level of competency needed to succeed in the film business. Students can expect to be familiar with different aspects of film as well as the role a Biblical worldview plays in the life of an artist and filmmaker and how it serves as a lens in which we both view and create film.

Impacting the Culture One Frame At A Time

The idea was discussed among a group of film and business professionals about what would a student truly need to know in order to be successful in the movie industry. The discussion considered the heavy cost of most schools and the lack of real world experience or practical knowledge. From this conversation, an idea emerged to offer a program that would truly train the student with a passion for film. The course of study is designed to allow a student to achieve a level of competency in their area that would lead to a career in film.

Over the past fifteen years,

Ryan has refined his talent for telling a story through visual media. Ryan spent many of these years living and working in Los Angeles as a professional camera operator. Ryan is uniquely capable of delivering valuable insight into the world of professional cinema. 

Working under talented Directors of Photography from networks and cable firms like NBC, VH-1, and Discovery Channel, he gathered invaluable filmmaking experience in the field and on set. In a multi-camera environment, Ryan has worked countless hours cross shooting for several different alternative television series. Whether he is shooting video for a low budget film or a multi-million dollar aerial unit, Ryan is competent, focused, and professional. 

After moving to Florida in 2010, Ryan founded a wedding videography company, The Cinematic Moment. As Director of Photography, Ryan had the privilege to film a documentary, “Driving Blind”, which screened at several film festivals around the world. His film enjoyed the honor of many different awards including “Best Feature Film”. It is now available on Amazon for rent. 

Ryan is proud to join the team at Inspiration Academy as Director of Film Academy. He will be mentoring our students now with hands-on training he received while working on set. Ryan is married with two children.

Student Film Studio

The student led studio is key to the success of this program. The projects these students spearhead and develop from concept to production are the essence of the experiential learning.

Projects that the student’s Studio will be responsible for include but are not limited to:

  • Dance Academy Music Videos
  • 3rdand 4th Year Thesis Short Films
  • Local Church series videos and bumper videos
  • IA Promotional videos
    • Chapel bumpers
    • Commercials
  • Internship opportunities
    • Need based projects from CSN/CBN and Studio 26
  • Trip Recap Video

Students will learn through a combination of classroom instruction, independent study, project-based experience learning, and in studio/on set experience. Students will also be exposed to specialized classes taught by award winning, Los Angeles professionals.

Key studio roles that students will be able to experience:

  • Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor
  • Sound Engineer

By the end of a student’s tenure at Inspiration Film Academy they will have experienced every aspect of running their own film studio.

Film Program Curriculum

All students will need to TEST into Film Academy as well as submit a reel of work they have made, depending on tested skill level and know how, student will then be placed into an appropriate year:

7th & 8th Grade Film Academy:

Students will be exposed to film and become familiar with terminology and on set etiquette. Primary focus will be on story idea development, where story comes from and Film appreciation. This will expose students and set them up for success to smoothly transition into the upper level Film Academy.

1st Year Film Academy:

Students will have more intentional and practical hands on instruction. Concentration will be learning the art of film and all intricacies you need to learn in order to create film. Areas of focus will be Sound Engineering and Editing, with a switch on focuses mid-semester.

2nd Year Film Academy:

Concentration will be still continuing to increase our knowledge base of film and what it takes to create interesting stories and well-made films. Areas of focus will be Cinematography and Directing, with a switch on focuses mid-semester.

3rd & 4th Year Film Academy:

Students will have a much more leadership-oriented role in running the Studio. Areas of focus will be whatever tract(s) they are most interested in or feel most compelled to study. Students will also have the unique privilege and opportunity to create their own short film using an original idea they have developed. Students will be responsible for finding their own volunteer crew and talent through staff and other resources available to them. A part of the tuition for 3rd and 4th year students is a small budget they will be allowed to use for their thesis film project.

**All current Film Academy students will automatically be given a role on set in order to gain on set experience.

Additional Classes

Classes will also be offered during the day for those interested or needing to improve test/skill set for Film Academy acceptance or for student enrichment. These classes are highly recommended for all current Film Academy students to take to develop their skills further. Intro to Filmmaking is a prerequisite course that all potential Film Academy students must take:

2015/16 School Year

  • CityU - Intro to Filmmaking - Instructor: Lauren Henriques

2016/17 School Year

  • CityU - Intro to Filmmaking - Instructor: Lauren Henriques
  • DP: Cinematography & Lighting - Instructor: Ryan Detzel
    • Pre-requisite: CityU - Intro to Filmmaking
  • Story Idea Development & Screenwriting - Instructor: Andrew Parks
    • Pre-requisite: CityU - Intro to Filmmaking

2017/18 School Year

  • CityU - Intro to Filmmaking - Instructor: Lauren Henriques
  • DP: Cinematography & Lighting - Instructor: Ryan Detzel
    • Pre-requisite: CityU - Intro to Filmmaking
  • Story Idea Development & Screenwriting - Instructor: Andrew Parks
    • Pre-requisite: CityU - Intro to Filmmaking
  • After Effects and Motion Graphics - Instructor: TBD
    • Pre-requisite: CityU - Intro to Filmmaking