Inspiration Academy

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“IA will always be with me because it’s not just school, but a family.  I have been blessed to be surrounded by passionate believers, and I can finally walk the path that HE has chosen for me. I am equipped with the tools and mindset that  have been taught to me here at IA, so that I can take on the world and it’s obstacles.”

PJ Bellemere


“I was so nervous about sending my 5th grader to middle school, and having him fall through the cracks.  IA was the perfect solution!  With the small group mentorship and modified 6th grade experience meant to provide accountability while adjusting to middle school expectations, we are THRIVING not just surviving!”

Holly McAndrew


“The best decision that we made for our boys athletically and spiritually!  As a classroom teacher at IA, I love and value the core belief that education shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all model.  The accountability in the classroom is reinforced by coaches on the field and mentors who genuinely care about the development of each student athlete.  The culture at IA is God first in everything you do without exception.  We are thankful daily that God led us to Inspiration Academy!”

Jennifer Caldwell


“Inspiration academy has been amazing. My sixth grader loves his new school. IA offers a positive atmosphere where kids are eager to learn. The students respect their teachers and each other. The teachers and staff are supportive and encouraging. Inspiration academy focuses on developing each individual student, not just academically, they develop mind, body, and spirit. The result has been a happy, energetic, confident sixth grader.
Thank you Inspiration Academy!”

Sheryl Okuhara