Inspiration Academy

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Why Retreat?

Inspiration Academy’s heartbeat is founded on community and mentorship. Arguably one of the most pivotal times during a student’s year at Inspiration Academy happens within the first month of school. The school provides a unique way to intentionally engage the students in community by sending the entire student body and faculty on a retreat. The strategy behind the timing of the retreat is to start the year off by creating an atmosphere that provides an opportunity for the students to develop relationships prior to the academic year. The retreat also creates an environment between the students and teachers that will foster the mentorship program throughout the year.  

What to Expect

The retreat typically looks like a 3 day/2 night itinerary filled with intentional bonding time and fellowship. We leave on a Wednesday afternoon and arrive back to the school on a Friday afternoon. We strategically choose a retreat location that provides a safe and healthy environment for our students. Each cabin has at least one faculty leader that stays with them ensuring that they are supervised at all times. We divide the students up in teams for the retreat and have fun competitions, such as the lip synch battle, during our stay there. We strive to have one session of worship in the morning and one at night. Worshipping the Lord and hearing from His word is vital in our walk with Him Our desire is simply for students to fall in love with Jesus and desire a life that is lived for Him in the context of relationships between their brothers and sisters in the faith.

Where We Go

The IA Leadership Team strives to chose an off-site location that will be safe and fun for our students.  Last year we visited Camp Anderson located in the heart of Florida.