Sixth Grade Academics

Sixth grade at Inspiration Academy is academically independent.

The objective of an academically independent sixth grade is to build a bridge from elementary to middle school to prepare students spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally for future learning and life.

Unique features of this program include:

  • Our innovative program utilizes a separate bell schedule in the mornings so students receive intensive training in core subjects.
  • Sixth grade students spend their afternoons in integrated elective courses.
  • A benefit of this program is a cross-disciplinary approach that allows students to combine math, technology, science, English, and history in authentic ways.
  • Creativity and curiosity are encouraged as students learn new skills and discover new interests.
  • Character training is a natural part of sixth grade because we are like a family working through the ups and downs of life together.


Exploration and innovation are the trademarks of science in sixth grade. Students experience earth and space science, life science, chemistry, and physics with a problem-based approach that builds critical thinking skills. Students are presented with problems that they solve in small collaborative groups.





JK8A0065Students are taught to think like historians.

Students become investigators, their sources are evidence, and the classroom is a lab as they seek to uncover the mysteries of history. Students ask questions based on their interests and then use the tools of historians to research, respond, and defend their points of view based on the evidence. As students learn ancient world history they are learning the skills needed for success in every history course they will ever take.




The math program at IA is advanced in content and approach.

A seventh grade textbook is used to prepare students for pre-algebra in the seventh grade. A modeling method is used to make math relevant and meaningful to students.



Weekly book club meetings are one of the best things about sixth grade at IA.

Students are given a strong foundation in literature and taught the literary skills needed in upper level English courses. Students read classic and modern novels as well as historical fiction. Grammar skills are refined as students write essays, research reports, editorials, and poetry.