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Accreditation International, Association of Christian Teachers and Schools Site Team Accreditation Report of Inspiration Academy

“The Team commends the founders and heads of Inspiration Academy for its innovative and Christ centered development of a truly unique school that provides for the future development of its students.

The Team commends Inspiration Academy for an educational model that focuses on ensuring student success not only academic, but for the whole person, including spiritual development.

The Team found the educational program and curriculum for Inspiration Academy to be research- based, developed by professionals, implemented by qualified teachers, and continuously adjusted and improved.

Through the unique Christian Mentorship Learning Model, teachers use effectively the latest technology. Inspiration Academy’s individualized approach truly meets students at the level of his or her needs by offering a blended learning environment. Blended learning incorporates web-enhanced coursework, in-class/teacher facilitated learning, cutting edge technology, and best practices in global educational models and resources. The school’s elite sports teams and training balances high-level competition with performance training and a mentor/leader coaching philosophy.

Inspiration Academy assesses various aspects of students' lives and combines this with mentorship to help each student understand his or her own unique giftedness. Through Inspiration Academy’s academic coursework and related programs, students gain the foundation required for developing strong minds and an ability to think objectively and rationally, taking in multiple viewpoints and at times even conflicting positions.

Inspiration Academy's Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (ELP) also allows students to interact and learn not only inside the classroom, but outside as well. More than ten separate and wholly owned companies - including a technology company, an event planning company, a film production company, a pool company, and a landscape management company - provide opportunities that allow students to gain real-world experience and understanding. Along with numerous other private partnerships, students are provided a depth and breadth of real-world professional experience and mentorship never before offered in high school.”